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Why Fasttaxi?

Wondering why you should drive for Fasttaxi when you can drive for yourself? Here’s why!

24/7 Customer

No more waiting for hours to get customer; Fasttaxi connects you with nearby customers in a matter of minutes

Instant Withdrawal

Withdraw earnings once ride is complete or whenever you like. Make instant withdrawal to your bank account with a tap of a button.

Part Time/Full Time

Whether you are a part-time or full time driver, Fasttaxi has got you covered. Only drive when you want to

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Basic Requirements

  1. Pictures of your car
  2. Copies of the particulars of the Car
  3. Copies of your Authentic and Valid Driver’s License
  4. An Android phone or iPhone

Fill and submit this form to join. One of our representative will give you a call to complete the process.

For details Call 0700 FASTTAXI or 070032788294

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Earn while your friends ride/drive

You heard us clearly. You can earn while someone else is driving or riding on Fasttaxi. Invite your friends to ride/drive with us and earn as long as your friend continues to ride/drive!