Convincingly Lucrative Ride Sharing Referral Program

Earn while your friends ride/drive

Here’s the math







Anyone can be a referrer

We did not create this referrer program for any specific class of people, everyone is welcome to join the program and start making commissions. You can refer your friends, families, business partners, or any one you know can ride or drive with us.

This referral program continues as long as the person you refer continues to ride/drive with us. You are guaranteed of making thousands of naira monthly from the rides or drives those you refer make.

The Details

Invite People to Register

Get those you refer to signup using your referrer code

Your Referee is forever yours

When you refer a rider/driver to us,even though they don’t ride or drive immediately, they will be registered under you. Whenever they complete a ride/drive, you’ll still receive your commission.

Up-front payment

You get paid immediately they complete a ride/drive. Your commission is added automatically to your Fasttaxi wallet.

Instant Withdrawal

You can withdraw your commission to your bank account whenever you like. Withdrawal is instant.

How it Work

  • Download and Install Our App
  • Signup an account as a Customer or Driver
  • Invite your friends to download the app and sign up using your referrer code
  • Earn 2% of the total amount of each ride or drive they complete (earnings is added to your wallet after each successful ride/drive)
  • Withdraw your money to your bank account whenever you like (withdrawal is instant)

How to Refer Someone

1. Login to the app
2. Tap the Menu icon at the Left
3. Tap Referral Code
4. You’ll see your referral code, give it to anyone you invite to register. When they register with it, you’ll make 2% of each ride they ride.