Fasttaxi Terms and Conditions for Riders

Fasttaxi is a web application for ordering transportation; it pairs ride requests with the ride providers who have been registered as users of the Fasttaxi platform. Fasttaxi Limited is a division of Limited, a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with company registration number RC 1314644.

The provision of Services to you through the Mobile App/Website is subject to your acceptance of the Agreement. By completing the Registration Form and/or by using the Mobile App/Website, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below, the Fasttaxi Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions of this Agreement.

If you object to this Agreement or any subsequent modifications to it, or become dissatisfied with your membership of the Mobile App/Website in any way, your only remedy is to immediately discontinue your use of the Mobile App/Website; and Terminate your membership by notifying us in writing.

  1. Using the Fasttaxi User App

1.1 The use of the Fasttaxi app requires installation of the software from the respective app stores and registration of a user account. When installing the Fasttaxi app, the mobile number of the Fasttaxi service user is linked to the respective user account and added to the Fasttaxi database.

1.2 When using the Fasttaxi app to request ride, the user has the option to choose whether he/she wishes to pay in cash or via mobile payment to the driver.

1.2.1 To pay via mobile payment, the user has the option to either pay using his/her ATM Card/Debit or Credit Card/eWallet.

1.2.2 To pay using eWallet, the user must first pre-fund his/her eWallet using his/her ATM Card/Debit or Credit Card.

1.3 Any complaints regarding a payment, kindly send email to our support team at or call our support line 0700 FASTTAXI (070032788294). We are available on weekdays 09.00 am -05.00 pm and Saturdays 9.00 am – 02.00 pm W.A.T.

  1. Fasttaxi Mobile Payment Conditions

2.1 Mobile payments can be made by a user of the Fasttaxi app who has included his/her card or account, or has pre-funded his/her Fasttaxi eWallet on the app.

2.2 When you make mobile payments, Fasttaxi is the receiver of the payment. Fasttaxi further forwards the received payment to the service provider (driver).

2.3 When you choose card payments  as your payment option you will be charged 1.5% of the total amount for transactions less than 1900 and 1.5% + 100 for transactions above 1900.

2.4 The inter-mediation of card and account payments in the Fasttaxi app is carried out through Paystack and/or (Flutterwave), whose Terms & Conditions can be found here and

2.5 Fasttaxi is in charge of the working of card payments and offers card proprietors bolster in taking care of issues. The resolution of card and mobile payment related issues additionally happens through Fasttaxi in situations where the issue is specifically identified with the in-app payment process. For card related disputes or issues send email to or call 0700 FASTTAXI (070032788294). Request sent by email should get response within 24 working hours. Fasttaxi shall resolve all card and mobile payment related issues and applications upon having clarity on the issue within three working days.

  1. Ride Ordering or Cancelling

3.1 If the Fasttaxi app user requests a taxi and the driver has affirmed the receipt of request then the ride is considered pre-ordered.

3.2 A ride is considered to be cancelled in the situation where the driver has been notified about the receipt of an order and the Fasttaxi app user waives the use of the ride after a notice has been received.

3.3 A ride can also be considered Cancelled in the situation where the user of the Fasttaxi app or people whom the ride was ordered for do not appear in the vehicle within 5 minutes as of the time when the driver notified them about the arrival of the taxi in its pickup location.

3.4 If a ride is cancelled, the Fasttaxi user will be charged a penalty fee of 200 Naira for Local rides, 300 Naira for Basic rides, 1000 Naira for Classy rides and 2000 Naira for Lux rides. If the Fasttaxi user gives notice about the cancelling of ride within 3 minutes as of receiving of the notification concerning the receipt of the order through Fasttaxi, the user will not be charged any penalty fee.

  1. Use of the Fasttaxi app

4.1 Fasttaxi is a mobile app that enables persons requiring a ride to find a suitable provider or driver closest to them.

4.2 The utilization of the Fasttaxi application depends on a general license issued by Fasttaxi. The license is legitimate for a non-constrained period and is free of charge for the user. If there should arise an occurrence of any shortcomings in the app, we will try to revise them at the earliest opportunity, yet please remember that the usefulness of the app might be confined because of intermittent specialized blunders and we are not liable to ensure boundless flawless working of the app consistently. We should likewise acknowledge no risk for any misfortunes acquired as a result of the Fasttaxi app not working or not being usable in the coveted way. If the client’s entitlement to utilize the app is cancelled, the relating general license will likewise be revoked.

4.3 Since the Fasttaxi app is basically a link between customers and drivers, Fasttaxi can’t impact or assume any liability for the quality or imperfections of the service. Drivers are not workers of Fasttaxi and thus, we can’t ensure reliably precise and flawless arrangement of rides found by means of Fasttaxi. For settling complaints please contact our customer support (referred to in clause 1.3).

4.4 The Fasttaxi app does not constitute an offer or financier of transportation for customers. The Fasttaxi app isn’t a method for sorting out the arrangement of rides. It is additionally not an office benefit for discovering customers for drivers.

4.5 A rider must be 18 or more to signup and ride. In the event that a rider is younger than 18, he or she should be joined by somebody who is 18 years or above. Unaccompanied minors are not to be in rides and Fasttaxi bears no obligation for unaccompanied minors.

4.6 The Fasttaxi application is set up to enable individuals to move from one place to another and isn’t an avenue for the conveyance of parcels, therefore, Fasttaxi might not be held obligated for missing or undelivered parcels.

4.7 Lost and recuperated things that have been taken to the Fasttaxi office have a 14-day time traverse to be recovered after which Fasttaxi won’t be held liable for them.

  1. By signing up with Fasttaxi, a rider shall agree to the following conditions

1 Fasttaxi shall have the right to save the data supplied during signup to the Fasttaxi database and to forward the user’s information to drivers as per Fasttaxi’s Privacy Policy (

2 Fasttaxi shall have the right to make one-sided alterations to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We may notify users of changes to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

3 Fasttaxi might be entitled to pass on the database of user information to third parties without prior notice of the app users. If there should be an occurrence of a transfer of the business or the database, the rights and conditions emerging from this permit understanding shall be transferred too.

4 Fasttaxi shall have the right to forward user information and bank information to Paystack and/or Ravepay for payment processing as a middleman between the user and the payment processing company.

5 Fasttaxi has the right to send promoting messages and validation codes through SMS and email messages.

6 Fasttaxi only encourages the use of 3 modes of payments i.e Cash, Wallet and Card. Every other mode of payment is at the discretion of the driver.

  1. Good practice of using the Fasttaxi app

6.1 As Fasttaxi isn’t a supplier or merchant of the ride, we can’t impact the nature of the ride. Any issues with imperfections or nature of the ride should be settled as per the guidelines and directions of the ride provider (driver) or the appropriate supervisory authority.

6.2 Fasttaxi is determined improve the quality of rides, therefore, we continuously gather ratings and ask riders to fill out a feedback form in the Fasttaxi app. This enables us to offer suggestions to drivers encouraging them to improve the quality of their services.

6.3 We expect that the users of the Fasttaxi app utilize the application in compliance with common decency and are deferential of the drivers who offer their services through Fasttaxi.

6.4 Fasttaxi shall do her best to make sure that only drivers, who have integrity and are conscious of their business and customers, utilize the Fasttaxi app. In any case, we are in no situation to ensure that each driver, found by means of the Fasttaxi app, meets this mentioned criteria consistently. On the off chance that you encounter frightful ride, please tell the company in charge of the service, a supervisory authority or our customer support (alluded to in statement 1.3).

6.5 if we get a dissension, which has a component of the commission of a wrongdoing by a driver, we shall without hesitation launch a formal complaint to the Nigeria Police Force against the driver and cooperate with the Nigeria Police Force in guaranteeing that the charges contained in our protest are persistently examined.

6.6 if a customer lays an allegation against a Driver, particularly in occasions where subtle details of drivers are shared on the web, Drivers has the right to request legal redress and may press charges against such a customer if there’s any harm caused to their character.

  1. Referral Campaign

7.1 Fasttaxi shall reward riders with 2% of the total cost of every ride for every unique rider they invite to use the app. This 2% reward continues as long as the referred person continues to ride with Fasttaxi.

7.2 Rewards are added to Fasttaxi user’s eWallet and can be withdrawn to the user’s bank account whenever the user desires to withdraw it.

7.3 Fasttaxi has the right to void any reward and block rider accounts if it suspects any fraudulent activities and charge the rider for the damages caused.